When looking for the first job, everywhere the preference is for the candidates with years of experience and that is what volunteering is all about, the experience. Each individual can try out different roles and responsibilities in various fields. Moreover, it helps you find out what you would like to do in your life, since education does not always necessarily guide you in the direction you want to follow after you finish your studies.

Društvo Delavnica has joined the network of volunteering organisations, because we also would like to contribute to society. Organisation and implementation of concerts, administrative work, promotion, communication with the youth, improvement of foreign languages, recording and photographing are the skills the volunteers can practice in our organisation. Since we carry out many activities, among them also concerts elsewhere in Europe, we occasionally need a bigger team.

We would like to invite new coworkers to our team of five; we are looking for enthusiastic people who will be looking forward to the new projects and success with us.

Good energy, positive attitude and generosity. THEREFORE!

If you are interested in volunteering within the Branimir Slokar Academy, contact office@slokaracademy.com.